Mia Maria is a baby clothing brand developed by Mônica Marques.

After studying fashion design at Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa, Mônica quickly got involved with the craft of designing and making clothes for babies and kids.

The clothes’ small scale, the kindness shown by children and their playful way of living, the use of colours and the dreams they represent made her deeply passionate about this art form.

Besides collaborating with different major brands (with 12 years of experience), she is also currently focused on showing her own original designs and the results from her passion for children wear.

Although she has been working into Mia Maria for a few years now, locally, in the little town of Cascais, she wants to take her designs to a wider audience and to express herself through successive creative collections.

There is also a story for the brand name Mia Maria. It is a story of a cat.

Mônica’s atelier, where the clothes are created, is located in Costa da Guia, a little neighborhood, in Cascais, with plenty of big pine trees where a lot of birds fly and hangout all day.

Once, a solitary cat appeared lost in the block and because Monica loves animals she decided to host it and to take care of it.

She named the cat Mia and Mia would play in the street during the day and sleep in the atelier at night.

Day after day, before closing the atelier, Mônica would go walking in the street screaming for Mia, so the cat would stop playing and come back to the shelter.

As time went by, the name Maria came about (because Mônica loves the name Maria – a typical portuguese name) and, suddenly, Mia was being called Mia Maria.

In Portugal, sometimes, adding Maria to a person’s first  name results in a more convincing way of being acknowledged, without losing affection, much like being effective without being rude. Being applied to a cat, this habit created…Mia Maria.